All organizations take risks. Sustainable organizations understand their risks and have aligned and embedded their risk management framework into the day-to-day operations of the entire business to ensure that risks are understood and, where appropriate, mitigated.

Regardless of the sophistication or complexity of your organization, Generix Consultants understand your organization and then develop controls to mitigate key risks, implement monitoring and review processes to ensure effectiveness of controls and have in place appropriate action plans when a risk event occurs. We also understand the need to develop a risk management culture that is in tune with regulatory requirements as well as organizational strategy and objectives.

Many organizations today do not carry out standardized risk assessments or have an effective formalized risk management program. Without these items in place, an organization can never fully understand its security risk levels, security posture, if current security spending makes sense, or how to improve and excel. Risk management is critical to every organization but complicated to develop in an effective manner.

Generix can develop and implement a Risk Management Program that meets your organization’s security and regulatory needs and integrate it into your current security program and business processes.

Developing and Embedding Risk Management into Your Organization

We don’t set up camp in your organization for weeks and months on end.  Rather, we complement or supplement your in-house skills and expertise with deep knowledge forged by close relationships with industry bodies, standards associations and dozens of clients headquartered around the world.  Our range of products and services enables every risk management program – at every level of complexity – to achieve the end result of risk understanding and control:

  • Generix’s skilled consultants supplement your internal resources as a problem-solving business partner who can conduct risk assessments and/or advise on a program that effectively addresses your unique risk profile.
  • Generix ability to communicate and manage critical, high risk policies, including automating your workflow and approval process, and centrally storing requests and responses to meet audit needs.
  • Generix’s flexible approach to policy management that enables every step of the policy process from creation, versioning and maintenance to certification, reporting and archiving.
  • Generix’s innovative and high quality risk management awareness training built upon a learning architecture that supports a highly custom look and feel.

Our consultants assess your current risk framework against the commonly accepted practice standards (ISO 31000; AS/NZS 4360; COSO) and against business objectives.

  • Does the risk policy adequately reflect the position of the business?
  • Does your risk appetite reflect the policy?
  • Is your risk appetite an effective risk & opportunity management tool?
  • Does the risk framework and processes reinforce risk ownership?
  • Does it promote a proactive approach to managing strategic risks?


Generix consultants review your risk and compliance management program to assess their alignment with governance benchmarks including International recognized Governance Principles, AS/NZS 8000 series, and ASX Good Corporate Governance Principles.

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