This service enables organizations to optimize operational and financial decisions by providing a holistic view of threats, vulnerabilities and business impacts. The assessments help you understand the impact of existing and emerging threats, the adequacy and effectiveness of implemented controls and potential information security policy changes, while measuring compliance with both internal and external policies and regulations. The key services include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Roadmap
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Implementation

The first requirement is to assess your organization’s security maturity level. Most organizations are just entering the analysis and understanding phase but are not sure how to make this transition smoothly. The difficulty is that the security team and organization must move from a purely operational view of security to a tactical and strategic view, which can be challenging because of the general complexity of security. These steps are not challenging for our team — this is what we excel at!

We begin by understanding where your organization lies within its security maturity level and what it truly needs. Then we develop a full security program designed to meet your specific organization’s security requirements as they relate to your business drivers, current threat profile, regulatory and legal needs, and overall strategic goals.

As your customized security program is being developed and implemented, our team will also develop the necessary processes, metrics, and structures for your organization so it can continue to improve in efficiency and effectiveness for years to come.

Security is not a project or a product but a process. We can show your organization how to not only continue to improve in your security posture but also excel in your market because of your solid security posture. Security and business are intertwined, and you should have all the knowledge and tools at your fingertips to make your organization not only competitive but excellent above the rest!

An efficient vulnerability management process cannot be implemented without a solid foundation of essential resources, mechanisms, expectations, and security policies.

  • Do you understand all of your organization’s vulnerabilities?
  • Have you rolled out an effective event correlation program?
  • Has your company implemented an incident response team?
  • How do you determine where to focus your limited resources?
  • Have you carried out an impact analysis to understand what your critical assets are?
  • Are your assets classified based on their corresponding business impact?
  • Is your asset classification mapped to your patch management program?
  • Are you sure that all doorways in and out of your environment are being monitored?

If you don’t know the answers, you’re not efficiently managing vulnerabilities; you’re simply trying to plug holes as they appear. Without a solid foundation, you’re doomed to work in a reactive mode, with no way to validate budgets or measure performance, effectiveness, or exposure to threats and risk.

Allow our consultants to work with your organization and implement a solid vulnerability management program today! In today’s environment, the lack of a solid vulnerability management program cannot only put your company at risk, but it can also put it out of business altogether.

Perhaps you have a vulnerability management program in place but need a third party you can trust to conduct a penetration test. The consultants at Generix understand the ramifications of penetration testing and can help you minimize any losses in productivity. We thoroughly test your systems, applications, or network for vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk. At the end of our test we provide you with a detailed report that includes a prioritized list of weaknesses and remediation recommendations, which we can also help you implement.