Generix offered Information Security Governance (ISG) framework provides end-to-end consulting and advisory services for information security, governance, risk management, compliance and implementation. A key foundation for information protection and risk management is having a set of clear security policies. These need to be easily understood, up-to-date, fully implemented, complied with and consistently enforced. Our consultants can help you develop, update and/or validate security policies – especially those required for compliance such as: Enterprise Risk Assessments, Regulatory and Industry Standards Assessments.

Generix Consultants having expertise in implementing ISG framework in following domains

• Governance

• Integration

• Implementation

• Capital Planning, Reviews, & Audits

This will help organization to develop & execute security implementation &training plans, Enforce policies and test controls (take corrective action whennecessary)

 Most companies today are struggling with implementing a holistic security program that can be measured, governed, and properly controlled. The first step is to implement a structure program and rollout metrics that makes sense to that specific environment. The security department has to understand how to govern itself, then roll security out to the business units, and finally allow senior management and the board members to govern the portions they are responsible for. Many companies, security professionals, and security consulting companies are struggling with how to do these steps correctly in a useful manner.