The role of anISG strategy is to align organization security and business goals, provide a common security program framework to focus efforts and optimize compliance efforts, and ultimately use security as a business enabler.

Generix ISG Strategy servicedelivers the expert resources, knowledge, and methodologies to assist you in building acomplete unified information security program or individual elements within the existing security program (e.g., Incident Management Program or Threat & Vulnerability Management Program) to guide security efforts. This offering provides a solid foundation for a security program built upon risk management principles and achieving compliance with industry and governmental requirements.

GenerixConsultants will begin forming ISG Strategy by performing a Threat Assessment, followed by an Exposure Identification, and Risk Assessment of the entire enterprise or specific environment(s) in scope. Subsequently, a general IT controls gap analysis will be performed against the information security framework selected in the previous step and relevant exposures determined during the Exposure Identification step. Lastly, a comprehensive report outlining the overall findings and specific results will be provided to your organization.

Potential benefits for organization

• Identify and prioritize strategic objectives

• Align security with business objectives

• Aid in effective implementation and operation of security processes and technologies

• Increase return on security investment

Most companies today are struggling with implementing a holistic security program that can be measured, governed, and properly controlled. The first step is to implement a structure program and rollout metrics that makes sense to that specific environment. The security department has to understand how to govern itself, then roll security out to the business units, and finally allow senior management and the board members to govern the portions they are responsible for. Many companies, security professionals, and security consulting companies are struggling with how to do these steps correctly in a useful manner.

Generix Consultants help organization to deploying and manage information security risk, enable actionable business intelligence and integrate your security operations. Generix’s proactive approach to information security optimizes your investment and improves your security posture enabling you to achieve better business results.

We help you bring your security risk, intelligence, and operations together to make the best use of your budget and achieve measurable results.