The Generix Alliance Program provides software suppliers, systems integrators, and other technology and service providers with resources and tools to jointly develop, market, sell, and deliver their solutions to global customers. Through partnerships with industry leading software and services firms around the world, Generix offers its customers a comprehensive range of products and services

Our Channel Alliance and Technology Alliance programs also enable Generix to offer our partners and their customer’s globalization services

Partner Types:

Generix establishes relationships with partners in two primary categories

Generix Channel Alliance Partners
Facilitate the sale and delivery of Generix globalization solutions through consulting, systems integration and/or associative selling (referrals). We want our channel partners to get software project leads. We shall offer attractive terms to our channel partners. Become Alliance Partner NOW
Generix Technology Alliance Partners
Develop and sell products which are complementary to Generix globalization solutions. In most cases, Generix technology partners will integrate their products with Generix solutions. These partners also work with Generix in a joint marketing capacity, mutually leveraging customer opportunities.

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