Time is our most precious asset. Isn’t it so what do you say? We assume you agree as any wise person would. So the Big Questions is; how can we perform all our important tasks without delaying or forgetting and at the same time saving time? The ANSWER is AUTOMATION.

We are entering into an era of automation. The organizations / institutions would lag miles behind which do not automate their business routines on time.

We at Generix Solutions have developed easy to use but powerful fully automated SMS software, especially keeping in mind the needs of educational institutions.



  1. User Friendly graphical interface
  2. Save Time Send SMS even when you are away from office
  3. Reduce phone call costs and hassle of someone not attending the phone at that time
  4. Send SMS when it is most convenient to parents as well as to you
  5. Parents & Employee Satisfaction.
  6. Everyone is very tender at hear if you can just penetrate the hard outer core and a little act of kindness or concern like sending Birthday or Anniversary Wishes and or Get Well Soon message to Parents, employees or students, can just do that.
  7. You can win priceless client satisfaction and much needed employee’s loyalty by using our automated Smart Care SMS Software
  8. No internet connection is needed.

Download Smart Care SMS Brochure

Smart SMS Care covers following features.

  • Fee Reminders
  • Examination Reminders
  • Class Events like Color Day, Fruit Day or
    Father Day etc
  • Emergency Holiday Announcements
  • School Achievements
  • Teacher Parents Meeting
  • Welcome Messages
  • Create or import (Excel File Format) all your
    contacts at one place.
  • Manage all your contacts conveniently, creating different groups like, Parents, Students, Teachers / Faculty, Administration etc.
  • Search contact(s) by Name, Registration No. or Phone etc.
  • To name just a few of the possible options you can use our software for.