3S suite

Smart Toyota 3S Dealers Suite is complete, software for automobile dealers and workshops. It takes care of all the functions in automobile showrooms and workshops through a great combination of state-of-art features, modern technology, comprehensive functionality and amazing ease of use.

  • Offers an enterprise solution for the dealerships.
  • Manage showroom and workshops on one system
  • Takes care of all business processes from start to finish – including Pre-Sales, Sales, Servicing, Claims, Warranties, and Inventories etc.

  • Helps manage productivity
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Meets standards

Suite of Modules:

ST3DS helps you automate all functions of your business with modules which work seamlessly integrated.

  • Workshop Management
  • Vehicle Delivery (Showroom)
  • Spares Parts
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Process Control Board (PCB)
  • SMS Alert
  • Services

  • Purchases
  • Inventory
  • Taxes
  • Finance
  • Receivables & Payables
  • Attendance & Payroll


Smart Toyota 3S Dealers Suite covers everything about Workshop, Vehicle delivery, Spares Sales/Purchase, CRM etc. Following are main features.

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    Workshop Management

    You can manage your entire workshop with T3DS. It enables you to:

    • Manage service appointments
    • Issue service estimations – for insurance and other purposes
    • Issue job cards on taking vehicles for service
    • Job Estimates for damage vehicles (for Insurance)
    • Record issues and return of spares and items against job cards
    • Raise service invoices
    • Manage mechanic-wise time sheets
    • Print gate passes
    • Send service reminder letters
    • Manage pre-delivery inspections
    • Print gate passes and RTA forms
    • Record claim-wise spares receipts
    • Inventory Management
    • Warranty Claims
    • Free Service Coupon Claims
    • Get Service feedback
    • Annual Maintenance Contracts
    • Service Team Productivity
    • Vehicle service history
    • Recording of next service details
    • After-service feedback (complaints and suggestions)
    • Extended warranty sale of spares and accessories
    • Retro fitments (replacement of faulty parts, additional fittings not done at the time of sale of vehicle etc.)

    The following illustration explains the flow and functionality of T3DS Auto Workshop:


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    Workshop Management

    Manage the workshops completely.

    • Define Standard Jobs
    • Define Service Types with default jobs and spares for a service
    • Define Fault codes for spares per manufacturer
    • Define Service Team and its hierarchy with Works Managers and Service Advisors
    • Mechanic-wise Time Sheets for Service Executives productivity
    • Job Card Entry
    • Job Card Insurance Company
    • Vehicle Status/History
    • Job Card history Customer, RO wise, Date wise, Posted/Un-Posted.
    • Cash, Bank, Credit Card Receipts/Recoveries
    • Daily sales and recoveries summaries

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    Default Management

    Manage workshop default settings.

    • Define Customers, Vehicles, Users, Labor types, Staff Stall Details, Consumable items, Variants
    • Default settings for Interlinking with financial modules

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    Log Book Management

    Maintain vehicle log book digitally

    • Print complete Owner Detail
    • Print Bar Code stickers on Vehicle PDS
    • Print Bar Code stickers on Vehicle FFS
    • Print Bar Code stickers on Vehicle PM
    • Print Bar Code stickers on Warranty/General Visit

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    You can manage PDI Claims with manufacturer. And Warranty Claims too.

    • Define Periodic Claims by manufacturer
    • Records claimable items with complete job card details for reference
    • Tracks Pending Claims
    • Reimbursement of Claims – Financial or Inventory
    • Claims for Service Coupons
    • Claims
    • Pending PDI Job cards
    • Pending Claims

    Exhaustive Workshop MIS

    Get unmatched analysis of workshop operations to manage efficiently.

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    Front Office

    • Job cards
    • Un-Billed Job cards
    • Pending Service Appointments

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    • Service Bay status
    • Revisited Vehicles
    • Vehicle History
    • Spares List

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    Service Team

    • Time Sheets
    • Job Time sheet
    • Job Time Discrepancy
    • Mechanic Efficiency
    • Mechanic Targets Vs Achievements
    • Mechanic Incentives

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    • Unclaimed warranties
    • Pending warranties
    • Free issues
    • Claimed Service coupons

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    Vehicle Delivery System (Showroom)

    T3SD facilitates complete tracking of New Vehicles inwards through PBO.

    • Define Vehicles Variant and Colors.
    • Define Investors.
    • Vehicle Inward from Manufacturer or Open Market
    • Vehicle Stocks status Location wise
    • Vehicle Delivery to Owner with NIC and scanned documents.
    • Print Vehicle Delivery Acceptance Note.
    • Issue Gate Pass for new Car exit from Show Room

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    Spare Parts System

     Inventory Control

    • Complete Product Details with Picture.
    • Product Category, Size, Model, Brand, Make Details.
    • Supplier & Department Details.
    • Product Multiple Locations & Tax Details.
    • Product latest Price List Import from Excel sheet.
    • Product Costing Value & on Average Method.
    • Product Quantity Bought/Sold/Returned/Scrap
    • Stock Valuation & Product Profit Period Wise
    • Stock Value Automatically Computed & Depicted In Financials.

     Financial Accounting

    • Chart of Accounts.
    • Financial Year Selection.
    • Year Ending & Periods wise Analysis.
    • Voucher Entries.
    • General Journal & Day Books.
    • General Ledger.
    • Expense Analysis & Banks Reports.
    • Trial Balance.
    • Audit Trail.
    • Cash Flow Statements.
    • Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss.

    Receivables & Sales

    • Customer Info and Other Details.
    • Customer Type & Credit Limits.
    • Customer Department & Tax Details.
    • Customer Aging Periods & Detail Ledger.
    • Customer Analysis Summary & Time Taken to Payable Invoices.
    • Parts Sales & Return Invoices.
    • Cash & Credit Sales, Sales by Product serial Nos.
    • Sales Tax Computation, Discounts & Taxes.
    • Automatic Updating Customer Balance, Inventory & Financials.
    • Quotations & Sales Performa.
    • No Individual Account in Chart Of Account for each Customer.
    • Receivables Value Automatically Computed & depicted In Financials.

     Cash/Bank Management

    • GL Payments.
    • Supplier Payments.
    • GL Receipts.
    • Invoice and Customer wise individual Receipts.
    • Inter-bank Or Inter Account Transfers
    • Cash / Bank Accounts Detailed Activity
    • Customer Receipts Slips RO Wise/Sale invoice wise.
    • Supplier Payment Slips.

     Payables and Purchases

    • Supplier Info & Other Details.
    • Supplier Terms & Credit Limits.
    • Supplier Department & Tax Details.
    • Supplier Summary & Detail Ledger.
    • Supplier Analysis Summary & Others.
    • Purchase, Service & Return Invoices.
    • Automatic Supplier, Inventory & Financial updating.
    • Product Purchases by Serial No’s.
    • Product Bar Code prints
    • Auto Calculation of Purchase Cost.
    • Payments Overdue/Advance.
    • Cash/Credit Purchases.
    • Supplier Ageing
    • No Individual Account in Chart of Account for each Supplier.
    • Payables Value Automatically Computed & depicted In Financials.

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    Customer Relationship Management System

    System allows analyzing the customer, vehicle record and contact customers for service quality and for new Appointments

    • First Free Service Reminder
    • PS Follow Up
    • PM reminder
    • SSC Campaign
    • FFS/PM Targets
    • Analyze data based upon targets and achievements

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    SMS Alerts System

    System Allows to send SMS to customers on different events, It’s a unique feature to improve customer long lasting relationship

    • Alert on Cash Receipt to Customer
    • Alert on Recovery of Outstanding
    • Alert on Job card Opening
    • Alert on Job card Closing
    • First Free Service alert
    • Periodic maintenance Remainders
    • Appointment Alerts

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    Process Control Board (PCB) System

    System provides control board to streamline workshop jobs. Monitor labor efficiency, overall productivity in timely manners. Calculate Total jobs Done, Total Hrs available, total sold Hrs, Hrs Locked, Hrs Lost and idle hrs.

    • Bays Definition
    • Workings Hrs Definition
    • Job card, Job and technician wise Data entry
    • Process control board view for managers and customers
    • Analysis Reports

  • Developed, tested & deployed running successfully from 10 years.
  • Ready to install, high quality, error free, fast, reliable, secure and easy to use product.
  • As per Indus Motor Company (Toyota) requirements and standard reporting.
  • Online Product Registration and activation system.
  • Comprehensive Context Sensitive Built in Help and Supporting system and Printed Manuals.
  • Highly Trained and professional staff in customer support department.
  • Sales Tax management and comprehensive reporting.
  • Fully Integrated System and Modules can also be use stand alone.
  • Over 300 standard reports in all the modules.
  • Total Paper Less Environment, No Stationary required.
  • User friendly Installation Process, One Setup Supported to all Operating Systems Win2003/XP/Vista/Win7.0/Win 8.0